Marcus has always loved all things science. Homeschooling has allowed him to really dive into science in a way he wouldn’t have in a formal school setting. There are days when all we do is science related activities.

These easy experiments are featured on the Steve Spangler Science website.

Marcus loves to watch MythBusters. He also loves The Magic School Bus.

science book2

There are all sorts of fun books for science. We have our own library of science books, including The Everything Kids’ Science Experiment Book (Tom Robinson). Marcus recently discovered a series of books called, Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction (John Austin). Check out Marcus’ demonstration of some of his mini weapons here.

science book

Last year we are using the Christian Kids Explore Physics book. They have a whole series of science books and you can find them on Amazon or through Our book includes a resource cd. We liked this book for its science vocabulary, hands-on activity ideas and found the text itself to be easy to read and understand.

Check out my homeschool science pinterest board and my homeschool dinosaur unit board.


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