Marcus has never enjoyed worksheets, so we keep math worksheets to a minimum. Even when we purchase a math curricula, I don’t make Marcus complete all the worksheets in the books. Once he has the concept down, he moves on, even if that means leaving practice sheets blank. But, there are so many other ways to teach and practice math, and they are more fun than plain ol’ worksheets.

Worksheet free ideas-

Counting bears


Play Monopoly

Use a white board and colored dry erase markers

Cook and bake

Science experiments

As far as math curricula goes, in the beginning, we used Abeka (for all subjects) and it worked just fine.

Later, we switched to Math-U-See and we loved it. We would still be using Math-U-See today, except that, sadly, they aligned themselves with CCSSI (Common Core State Standards Initiative), which I am firmly against.

So, now we are using the Learn Math Fast system. I really like it. It’s both teacher and student-friendly. I am happy to recommend it.

If your child is young, and you are comfortable teaching early math concepts, I recommend purchasing inexpensive math workbooks from Walmart or a book store. They are just as good. You can also find free math worksheets and math games online. Try


Check out my homeschooling math pinterest board.


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