Sometimes it makes sense for homeschoolers to be dual-enrolled, which for us has meant taking on some high school classes along with our distance education in order to accumulate the credits required for a high school diploma.

We’ve only had experience with this in Utah, where the homeschool laws are relaxed and the local high school welcomed our daughter without any qualms. As a part-time student she was allowed up to 3 classes of her choice per trimester.

We had no problems walking into the school and signing her up for an art class, a Spanish class and a driver’s ed class. She took them all in a row in the morning so that she could focus on her distance courses in the afternoons.

However, there are pros and cons-

Pros- This could be an opportunity for your child to take inexpensive classes that may not be available through a homeschool group, and that may be added to a high school transcript.  Also, in our case, these classes gave additional credits needed towards a high school diploma (given through the private school who provides our distance education; they only offer the core subjects and a diploma requires additional credits, such as health and p.e.).

Cons- You and your child are tied to the school calendar and part of the school daily schedule. There is the hassle of having to call the school to excuse your child for absences or get their permission to go on a family vacation. You may have to arrange for your child’s own transportation to and from the school.

The high school we went through in Utah was set up in trimesters instead of semesters, which meant our daughter was only subjected to the school schedule and rules for 3 months. We liked that as that meant only a third of her homeschool year was tied up with public school classes.


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