There are several online programs out there for homeschoolers. We have loved our experiences with Liahona Academy. Our oldest daughter received her high school diploma through Liahona, as an accredited distance student. Our youngest daughter received a high school certificate and had no trouble getting into the university of her choice with her Liahona transcript.

Liahona is a private school in Utah which offers an amazing distance program for homeschoolers, from I believe, 3rd grade through 12th grade. This video will give you an idea of the distance education for teenagers like my son. Basically, Liahona films their middle and high school classes live so that distance students like mine can participate by watching the class live or they can watch the recorded class anytime. It’s very flexible for homeschooling families.

Liahona Junior collage

Marcus participated in the Liahona Junior class for his fifth and sixth grade years. Best time ever!

If you would like more of an idea about the Liahona Junior class for online elementary education, be sure to visit my other blog where I’ve posted more about it. And if you have any questions about Liahona, be sure to comment! I’m happy to share our experiences with you.


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