My Packing List


Knowing what to have packed into your shipment(s) when you’re moving overseas can be tricky. If you were moving overseas to a Latin-American country, such as Peru, here are 12 things I’d suggest you put in your shipment-

1. Books, books and more books.

a) Bring your whole children’s library from home if you can.

b) Bring novels you’d enjoy reading and can swap with other expats.

c) Bring books you’ll want to use in your homeschool, including your curriculum books.

d) E-readers like Kindles and Nooks, and gift cards for them.

2. DVDS and a DVD or Blu-ray player. We went to Walmart and bought several CD/DVD cases which we filled with DVDS from our home collection, leaving the cases at home.

3. Arts and craft materials. I just had our whole craft bin put in the shipment and it’s really come in handy. The items that we’re especially glad we included are-

a) Modge Podge

b) Craft scissors

c) Scrapbook paper and colored paper

4. Science supplies. My son brought his inexpensive microscope with slides, and several experiment kits, a thermometer, etc.

5. A world globe and maps

6. All of your homeschooling supplies, such as flash cards, counting bears, Math-U-See blocks, reward stickers, etc. etc. etc. I wish we had brought these two things-

a) Clip boards

b) Pocket folders

7. Board games and card games. Just go through them first and make sure all the parts are there (especially all the dominoes)!

a) Puzzles and brain-teasers

b) We brought our Wii game system

8. Toys, especially creative toys like Legos. Also-

a) Favorite stuffed animal friends

b) My daughter brought her babysitting kit.

c) Beach toys

d) Bikes, scooters, etc. (Don’t forget the helmets.)

9. Bedding sets, mattress covers and extra blankets. Also-

a) Bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths

b) Beach towels

9. Good quality pots and pans. Other kitchen supplies-

a) Cheese knife, vege peeler, garlic press and other little gadgets that come in handy.

b) Crock pot, waffle iron, popcorn maker (You’ll have to use a transformer for these, but they are worth it, especially the crock pot.)

c) Plastic containers in a variety of shapes and sizes

10. Exercise equipment and workout DVDS

11. Your whole medicine cabinet (minus the cabinet and anything in liquid form). Include-

a) First aid supplies (band aids, ointment, bandages, etc.)

b) Children’s Tylenol and multivitamins

c) Reusable heat/cold packs

12. Extra clothes and shoes. I highly recommend-

a) Plenty of socks for everyone, including slipper socks or slippers

b) Light jackets and hoodies

c) Dress clothes for church and special functions, especially suits and dress shirts for the guys in your family.

d) Hiking boots


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