Expat Homeschooling


Update- Our second assignment in Peru is over now and we are back in the states (for the time being; you never know with us!), but if you have any questions about overseas living and expat life, I’m happy to share our experiences.

Right now we are living in Lima, Peru because my husband’s job is here.

Homeschooling abroad has been a piece of cake so far. Peru has no homeschooling laws, either for or against it, and because we are Americans we can educate our children as we like. Some American families put their children in the international schools here, and we did that before, years ago when we lived in Arequipa, but homeschooling is what is best for our family at this time, and we love the flexibility of being on our own schedule, following our own routine and being free to go out and about during the day.

 It’s a cultural experience which is an education in and of itself. Fieldtrips are a must. We have been to the zoo and an interesting science museum, to a chocolate museum, to a beach, to parks, and to Lima’s Plaza de Armas (the historic center) where we toured a cathedral with catacombs. We also volunteer at an orphanage. There are activities and programs available here, such as scouts, youth groups, swim lessons, sports, and of course, Spanish lessons.


There are other homeschooling families here so that has been a bonus for us. It’s nice to have homeschooling support as well as friends with more flexible schedules.

On the negative side, there is no library available to us. The book stores carry very few English books and the ones they do carry are expensive. This is where an e-reader comes in handy. We did bring some of our home library in our shipment (we wish we had brought more). We also swap books with other expat families.

There is kind of a mail system here, but it seems unreliable so we don’t use it. DSL is pricey, but did work to order my daughter’s Saxon math books (we had them sent to my husband’s office) and they arrived within a couple of weeks. Otherwise, everything came in our shipment or we bring it in when we travel to the U.S. or we do without.

Sometimes we can’t find some of the materials or ingredients we need for science experiments and craft projects. Finding food coloring was like going on an egg hunt, and we cannot find alum, but we can find basic school and art supplies.

The internet here is not the best, but for the most part we’ve had very little problems using it for our distance-learning. Marcus and Marissa are distance-students through Liahona Academy.


All in all, we are happy to have this unique opportunity to live in another country and see another culture in action. It gives us a true appreciation of the world around us.


5 thoughts on “Expat Homeschooling

  1. Karen

    Hi, I am curious if you know of homeschooling families in Arequipa. We are here for about 1 more month (from TN). My older son is in language school, so he stays busy. My younger two are playing tennis daily, but we would like to know if there is a network here you know of. Thanks! Karen

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    • Hi Karen! I don’t know of a network, but I will check to see if my friend still lives there and get back to you asap. She doesn’t homeschool, but she’s the only remaining contact I have there. I hope you’re enjoying Arequipa.


  2. Cris

    Hi. We are moving to Lima within the next few months and we’ll be homeschooling there. My daughters will be in 2nd and 8th grade and I wanted to know if you had any information on groups there in Lima.

    I also thank you for all the information here, and I hope you are enjoying being back in the States.

    Thank you.

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    • Hi Cris! How exciting for your family! Lima is a great place if you ignore the traffic and crazy driving! I don’t personally know of any homeschool groups, but if I were you, I’d see if there’s a group listed online, maybe in yahoo groups. You could also search for expat groups there and ask if any homeschool. We found other homeschoolers through our church when we were there. And if there’s anything else I can help you with, just email me at camie73(at)rocketmail(dot)com
      Best wishes on your overseas adventure!


      • Cris

        Thank you so much for the super fast response. We are very excited for the adventure. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity and know that we’ll make the best of it.

        I have found a few groups on facebook (including a homeschool group) but I had not thought of yahoo groups, so thank you for that info. I’ll start that research now.

        Thank you again.

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