Back to School Success Kits


I enjoy putting together fun care packages for my young nieces and nephews. Since they are starting their new school year, I mailed them each a back to school success kit. They’re not that clever, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

I had to keep the cost down so I hit the dollar store, Staples, and Walmart, and bought inexpensive items in bulk as much as possible.

Each kit includes:
*A mechanical pencil
*Two crayons
*A smiley face sharpener
*An animal eraser
*A mini notebook
*Cute paper clips
*A bandaid
*Owl Stickers
*Pencil case
*Education quote

I found these cute “tickets” in my teacher box which I had never used, haha, and I wrote a little thought on the back of them and attached one to each item (with a paper clip or

Here’s an example of what I wrote on the tickets:
*Notebook- Where clever ideas, doodles and math problems mesh together.
*Pencil- Clever writing tool.
*Sharpener- Smile at your sharpened skills.
*Eraser- Mistakes don’t stand a chance!
*Crayons- Imagine a world without color.
*Paper clips- On the paper team.
*Bandaid- For life’s little owies.
*Smarties- You’re smarter than you think! (Called, “Rockets” in Canada.)

For my two nieces starting middle school and high school, I also included emergency kits, filled with a few essentials, such as: pocket Kleenex, hair elastics, chapstick, deodorant, chocolate, flossers, and Tic Tacs.

As for us, we will be starting our new homeschool year on August 30th. Right now I’m at our apartment in Arizona preparing our homeschool spaces as a surprise for Marcus when we return from Utah in a few weeks. More on that to come. Thanks for visiting my blog. ūüėä


Valentine Cards & a Box Full of Love


We enjoy mailing holiday cards to my younger nieces and nephews.¬†What young kid doesn’t enjoy receiving¬†their own personal snail mail? We usually buy a variety of dollar store cards and write personal messages in them and include some stickers as well. For Valentine’s Day this year, we decided to make our own cards and¬†then I got the idea to create a little “box full of love” for each family.


We bought inexpensive craft supplies from the dollar store, and Target and Michael’s dollar bins. We found pink feathers, foam heart stickers, pom poms, ribbon, washi tape, paper straws, tissue paper, heart shaped dollies, paper shreds, chenille sticks,¬†etc.



Marissa and I have been making cards like these.

Marcus is really liking chalk pastel art at the moment. He made these masterpieces for his boy cousins.


For the boxes,¬†I layered the bottom with paper shreds and then I put random craft¬†items and sticker sheets on top, added the homemade Valentine cards, and last I put in a little treat for each child (this one was for my brother’s two daughters). Then I decorated the inside box tabs with washi tape, and ta da! A little box full of love. I figure my nieces can make good use of the craft items.

Autumn Care Package


You’ve probably heard/seen the idea of creating a box of sunshine or a box of cheer by filling a package with only yellow items. It’s definitely cheerful. Of course Pinterest is full of pictures of sunshine care packages.

I was thinking this would be a fun idea for my two college kids, but Marcus reminded me that his big brother’s favorite color is green, not yellow. So that gave me the idea to incorporate the colors of Autumn, which could include green. So, off to the dollar store and Target I went and then last night I decorated the inside flaps of the box and carefully arranged the items I had bought and ta-da! Here’s what I ended up with:

Each¬†package is small because it’s a dollar store box, but I was able to pack a lot of items in it, including cans of flavored almonds, a bag of beef jerky, a bag of caramel apple popcorn, mini box of Goldfish crackers, a box of candy corn, Reese’s Halloween peanut butter cups, four different kinds of m&m’s, a small bag of Cheetos, an orange acorn shaped sticky note pad, fun chip clips that look like a ladybug, bee and frog and Pip Squeak markers in collectible characters (from the Dollar Tree).

By the way, Happy Back to the Future Day!