Fairy Tale Artwork


“Every person’s life is a fairy tale written by God’s fingers.” -Hans Christian Andersen

My 18-year old daughter read Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, for her online English class, and was given the assignment to complete a project related to one of the novel’s themes.


Up close look at the Sleeping Beauty bubble

She chose to use her creative talents and produce this lovely piece of artwork which reflects her love for art, books and fairy tales.


She chose a fairy tale quote by Hans Christian Andersen, who wrote such fairy tales as The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling and The Princess and the Pea, none of which are depicted on her fairy tale “bubbles”. (She first chose her favorite fairy tales and later found the quote.)


All of her fairy tale bubbles, except for, Beauty and the Beast, which originated from French novelist, Gabrielle-Susanne Barbot de Villeneuve, were made popular by the Brothers Grimm. It was this rendition of, Beauty and the Beast, that the girls and I recently saw performed by Ballet West in Salt Lake City.


But, I found this news article about plans for a fairy tale museum in Denmark that will pay tribute to Hans Christian Andersen.


Learning Chalk Pastel Art


This morning we had an art session and the kids tried chalk pastel art for the first time.

Marcus followed a Star Wars BB8 droid tutorial from Hodgepodge and Marissa found a picture she liked off Pinterest and used it as inspiration.

It was a great way to start our homeschool day and we’re thinking of making it a daily habit. There’s something so fulfilling about creating art.

Marcus’ Starry Night


Although I only just discovered this tutorial from a search on Pinterest, it sums up how my son created his own Starry Night version last week, except he followed instructions given verbally by his awesome Liahona teacher.

I think it’s fun to teach kids a little background about the artist first. I like this website and this webpage about Vincent Van Gogh.


Using only black construction paper, white school glue and oil pastels, as well as a look at the original art, Marcus created his own Starry Night-

DSCN4671 DSCN4672 DSCN4675

After using the glue to outline his picture, he let it completely dry and then he colored over it with oil pastels.


I think it’s fun to help children recreate a famous piece of art, and Starry Night has this magical feel to it that children enjoy.

Pinterest is an excellent resource if you are looking for ways to incorporate more art into your homeschool. Use the search to find all sorts of ideas. I typed in: famous art for kids, for example.

Or you can check out my Pinterest homeschool arts and crafts board.

What famous artists have you incorporated in your homeschool?

Hobbit Foil Art


Marcus has been lightly studying the history of gold leafing in paintings, as part of his awesome online Liahona history class. So, as we finish up our reading of, The Hobbit,  we decided to make some Hobbit artwork with silver “leafing” (aluminum foil). Here is our results-


The spiders in the forest (by Marcus)


Smaug guarding the dwarf treasure (by Camie)


Smaug sleeping on the dwarf treasure (by Marissa)