Middle School Years


I pulled my daughter out of public middle school to homeschool her and it was the best decision I could’ve made. Middle school is brutal! So if you are homeschooling a middle-schooler, I commend you. Your child is likely missing out on negative peer pressure, unyielding clicks, popularity contests, bullying, indoctrination, and other unfortunate, but very real aspects of public schools today.

But, now what? There are online courses your middle-schooler can take. The only distance program I am familiar with and love to recommend is through a private school in Utah called Liahona Academy. They are LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) based. The staff and teachers there are amazing. They offer a 5th/6th grade combined class that covers reading, writing, history and science. Then they offer individual classes for 7th and 8th graders (English, science, history and select math classes).

Another option is to join a homeschool group near you. Many homeschool groups offer classes that knowledgeable parents teach. They also may offer participation activities such as plays and choirs.

Still another option is to teach your middle-schooler yourself. I taught my daughter her 7th grade year and we had a lot of fun together. Besides focusing on the 3 R’s (reading, writing and arithmetic), we followed her interests. We lived in Canada at the time so we studied Canada geography and history. She had cooking and baking lessons. She created works of art.

Jimmie’s Collage offers some great tips for homeschooling the middle school years.



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