Elementary Years



Can you tell it’s a dinosaur?

Dinosaurs are a fun subject for elementary aged kids to study. Check out my dinosaur unit Pinterest board for dinosaur stories and activities.

Other ideas for elementary ages-

Go outside!

*Nature walks…go on a day hike, visit a cool park, nature scavenger hunt

*Nature studies…frog life cycle, caterpillar metamorphosis, ant colonies

*Nature journaling…sketching, photography, poems

*Nature science…rock/leaf collections

*Nature crafts…crayon leaf rubbings, leaf art, pet rocks

Marcus Liahona

*Gardening…plant seeds

*Outdoor play…relay races, obstacle course, jump rope, hop scotch, etc.



*Science experiments

*Science studies…volcanoes, rocks and minerals, solar system, weather, human body, insects, animals

For some awesome nature and science ideas, visit my homeschool science Pinterest board.


Arts and Crafts

*Holiday and seasonal crafts

*Recycle materials into art



For lots of ideas in one place, visit my homeschool arts and crafts Pinterest board.

I also love DLTK’s Crafts for Kids.


The 3 R’s (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic)

*Visit the library often.

*Read to your child. Try classics like Little House on the Prairie and Chronicles of Narnia.

*Try worksheet alternatives such as flash cards, counting bears, dominoes and Scrabble.

Check out my homeschool language arts Pinterest board and my homeschool math Pinterest board.


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