Back to School Success Kits


I enjoy putting together fun care packages for my young nieces and nephews. Since they are starting their new school year, I mailed them each a back to school success kit. They’re not that clever, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

I had to keep the cost down so I hit the dollar store, Staples, and Walmart, and bought inexpensive items in bulk as much as possible.

Each kit includes:
*A mechanical pencil
*Two crayons
*A smiley face sharpener
*An animal eraser
*A mini notebook
*Cute paper clips
*A bandaid
*Owl Stickers
*Pencil case
*Education quote

I found these cute “tickets” in my teacher box which I had never used, haha, and I wrote a little thought on the back of them and attached one to each item (with a paper clip or

Here’s an example of what I wrote on the tickets:
*Notebook- Where clever ideas, doodles and math problems mesh together.
*Pencil- Clever writing tool.
*Sharpener- Smile at your sharpened skills.
*Eraser- Mistakes don’t stand a chance!
*Crayons- Imagine a world without color.
*Paper clips- On the paper team.
*Bandaid- For life’s little owies.
*Smarties- You’re smarter than you think! (Called, “Rockets” in Canada.)

For my two nieces starting middle school and high school, I also included emergency kits, filled with a few essentials, such as: pocket Kleenex, hair elastics, chapstick, deodorant, chocolate, flossers, and Tic Tacs.

As for us, we will be starting our new homeschool year on August 30th. Right now I’m at our apartment in Arizona preparing our homeschool spaces as a surprise for Marcus when we return from Utah in a few weeks. More on that to come. Thanks for visiting my blog. 😊


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