Weekly Nutshell (4th of July & a Concert)


Yes, I embellished this picture, but you get the idea.

Last weekend, Zach came home, which is always a treat, and then friends came up from Salt Lake and had a BBQ with us on Sunday. On Monday, we watched fireworks in the distance from our back deck and lit sparklers. (I sent Zach home Sunday night with my Sony DSLR so these are all iPhone pics.)


On Tuesday morning, Marissa left for her last girls camp. On Wednesday, our dog, Zoey, went to the groomers and came home with a shiny coat (and all the undergrowth gone).


On Friday, Marissa returned, full of camp stories. 🙂


On Friday evening, Marcus and I visited our friend’s barn just up the street…


Where we got to bottle feed their calves. That was fun!



And on Saturday night, a group of us (that’s my cousin taking the group-selfie) went to a nearby resort for a Kelly Pickler concert.


Aren’t they beautiful sisters?


So that was our week in a nutshell. How was your week?


5 thoughts on “Weekly Nutshell (4th of July & a Concert)

  1. How did I miss this post?? I hope you had fun at the concert. I went to see the Newsboys a few months ago, and it was amazing! Seeing these pictures of where you live makes me want to come and be your neighbor. Absolutely wonderful! And your daughter is a spitting image of you. 🙂 Beautiful.

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