Weekend Nutshell (A Cave, An Award & A Barn)


Just this past weekend we headed out on a road trip, from Tucson to our home in northern Utah. We moved our baby girl back home so that she can participate in her last Young Women’s camp and prepare for college life. We are in transition. Come September, we will have three of our four kids in college and only our youngest left at home. I know I’m always saying this, but these stages of motherhood are so bittersweet for me. On the one hand it is a joy to watch my children blossom into these amazing young adults. On the other hand, there is a longing to bring back their childhood and I miss having them home with me.

PicMonkey Collage

Each time we make this road trip, we try to stop somewhere and play tourists a bit. This time, we stopped at Moqui Cave in Kanab, Utah. There is a small fee to enter the cave itself, but we felt it was worth it since it was our first visit. The cave features dinosaur tracks (which were carried in back in the 60’s when it wasn’t illegal to remove them, ha ha), Indian relics, a large collection of florescent minerals (they glow under UV lighting) and a gift shop where Marcus bought himself dinosaur poop!


As I have mentioned before, half of our homeschooling is through amazing online classes (streamed live) through the fabulous Liahona Preparatory Academy, which is a private LDS-based school in Utah. Well, back in early May, I received a call from Liahona, informing me that Marissa had been selected to receive the Distance Star Award. We kept this award a secret from Marissa until just last night when we presented it to her in an impromptu award and graduation ceremony (which is why she is sporting my Japanese robe and her brother’s Doctor Who fez).


This award was in recognition of Marissa’s community service, leadership and academic success. She received a beautiful trophy and a write-up in the yearbook. Our whole family of six was present for the ceremony. Liahona also gave Marissa a certificate of graduation.


I had also designed and purchased a homeschool diploma for Marissa, which I presented to her as well. She has definitely earned it and she is excited to start at her university this September. She will be studying zoology.


After waving goodbye to Zach, who had to return to his apartment for work today, David and I took an evening drive through the countryside, stopping every so often so I could photograph some of the barns. I love how many barns are in this little town. This one is a favorite and the first barn we see as we turn off the highway whenever we are headed home. More barn pics to come! ♥ This morning I dropped David off at his shuttle for the airport so he could return to the torturous Arizona heat. I do feel guilty leaving him to fend for himself while the kids and I enjoy a temperate Utah summer, but we will see him again around the 24th of July, which is a pioneer holiday here in Utah. AND we have a ton of yard and project work to accomplish here in the next two months. ♥ Thanks for reading!


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