Snow Day


Marcus with his snow ball thingamajig.

We woke up this morning to a winter wonderland here in northern Utah. I was glad I had no reason to leave the house today and the kids were glad for an excuse to take a break from our normal Happy Heart’s day to go outside and play in it.


Lemme see… She needs a little more sculpting there at the bottom.

By the early afternoon, the snow was already melting away, but the kids couldn’t resist building a snowman together. I love how they worked together as a team.


We see you, Mom!

They caught me sneaking up on them taking pictures.


My snow building team.

Instead of a snowman, they were making a snowbear.


They sent me back into the house to fetch them more gloves and some pretzel m&m’s. On my way, I caught our cat, Midnight, sauntering about.


Beatrice has a licorice mouth.

Let me introduce you to Beatrice. Her favorite hobby is gardening and she likes carrots.


7 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. We had spring snowstorm yesterday, about 5 inches of snow. Most of it melted away through the day but the kids were thrilled to get outside and play in it. I loved the picture of your cat. Midnight seems to have a lot of personality. 🙂

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