Snow Day & Fairy Gardens


IMG_2404       IMG_2406

It seems northern Utah isn’t quite ready to welcome spring! We woke up to a blanket of white. These were the views from my front door and my back balcony.

IMG_2407       IMG_2408

My brother and his family joined us for most of the day and that was a lot of fun. The girls spent all their time in my basement, crafting. They created adorable fairy gardens. Maybe their gardens will usher in spring!

IMG_2426      IMG_2427

Each girl started off with a wooden base, which I purchased at Michael’s. They had a lot of materials to choose from, including buttons, polished pebbles, moss, wooden spools, paint, etc.

IMG_2422      IMG_2423

These pictures aren’t the greatest since I only had my camera phone (I’ve loaned my actual camera to my son who loves to take pictures), and I don’t know why I took such aerial views!

IMG_2424       IMG_2425

Marissa hasn’t finished her fairy garden yet, so I’ll post hers later in the week.


Good Friday Easter Concert


In celebration of Easter, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir will be performing Handel’s Messiah live tomorrow, March 24th and Friday, March 25th in the Salt Lake Tabernacle. BUT on Friday, March 25th, their performance will be streamed live over the internet for the world to watch, listen and even sing along. Please visit this page for all the details.

In the meantime, please enjoy this video performance featuring The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square, along with a world-wide virtual choir, singing the “Hallelujah” chorus:

Snow Day


Marcus with his snow ball thingamajig.

We woke up this morning to a winter wonderland here in northern Utah. I was glad I had no reason to leave the house today and the kids were glad for an excuse to take a break from our normal Happy Heart’s day to go outside and play in it.


Lemme see… She needs a little more sculpting there at the bottom.

By the early afternoon, the snow was already melting away, but the kids couldn’t resist building a snowman together. I love how they worked together as a team.


We see you, Mom!

They caught me sneaking up on them taking pictures.


My snow building team.

Instead of a snowman, they were making a snowbear.


They sent me back into the house to fetch them more gloves and some pretzel m&m’s. On my way, I caught our cat, Midnight, sauntering about.


Beatrice has a licorice mouth.

Let me introduce you to Beatrice. Her favorite hobby is gardening and she likes carrots.

Weekend Nutshell


“If we approach adversities wisely, our hardest times can be times of greatest growth, which in turn can lead toward times of greatest happiness.” -Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

Last Friday, on our way to Fairview, Utah, for the weekend, my oldest son, Zach, phoned us to say he had just been called in to see his still-new neurologist (new to my son, not new as a neurologist) right away. We took a detour to the hospital to meet up with Zach and join him for his second appointment with his neurologist, who confirmed his week-old diagnosis, based on our son’s recent spinal tap results and the results of his earlier MRI and of three rounds of blood work. At the age of 23, Zach has Multiple Sclerosis. That’s the shocking bad news. The good news is that it’s been caught early, treatment has already begun and nothing is wrong with his spine.


My talented cousin, Heather, made this amazing cake! The theme for my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday party was her travels around the world.

Saturday afternoon, we celebrated my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday with a three hour, surprise open house in her honor. It was a success with over 60 of her family, friends and neighbors attending.


Mother and Sons


Me and my lovely daughters

We stayed in Fairview, visiting David’s mom, until Sunday afternoon. Then we drove to Salt Lake, dropped the kids off at another birthday party, this time for my side of the family. Zach and I then dropped my husband off at the airport so he could return to his job in Arizona. Once back at the party, we didn’t stay long as Zach was tired and the kids and I had a two hour drive ahead of us. The kids and I are staying here in Utah for the next four weeks. ♥ Last night, Zach bravely posted about his MS on Facebook. Here is the link to his blog, Yo-yoing With Zed, if you would like to support him by following him.

Staying Strong



I don’t ask why because I know this earthly life, this mortality, wasn’t meant to be easy. If I didn’t know sorrow, I wouldn’t know joy. Part of my Heavenly Father’s plan is to test my faith through adversity. And I know my trials can make me stronger, if I let them. The key is to never give up hope and to put my trust in a loving Father and His Son. I’ve seen others lose their faith in a trial that seems to swallow them up. I won’t let that happen to me. I choose to exercise my faith instead. This is my moment to let my faith shine.

“I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me.”                          Philippians 4:13


First Visit to Tombstone



Last Saturday we visited historic Tombstone Arizona. It’s “The Town Too Tough to Die”.


It was a beautiful day, not too hot for Arizona, and the crowds were light which was nice.


Tombstone is a living town, rich in old west history which you can read about here. The kids and I went through a walking tourist attraction which featured the ghost of Doc Holliday. It had some fun special effects and legendary stories.

DSC03305 (1)

We enjoyed browsing the many shops along main street. We also went into the Big Iron Shooting Gallery and shot some pistols which was cool. (David forgot to take pictures of us while we were shooting.)

DSC03328 (1)

We ate lunch at The Longhorn Restaurant. The food was really yummy!

DSC03369 (1)

My favorite part was visiting The Rose Tree Museum and seeing the world’s largest rose tree.


It’s a White Lady Banksia and the original root came from Scotland in 1885! We were too early to see it bloom, but it was still neat to walk underneath it. In April we’ll have to come back to see its millions of tiny white blossoms.


In the fall of 1884, a young mining engineer and his bride, a girl named, Mary, who was from Scotland, arrived in Tombstone and took lodging at a boarding house run by Mrs. Amelia Adamson. Mary and Amelia became friends. When Mary and her husband later moved into a house of their own, Mary’s family sent her a box of rooted shoots of the Lady Banksia Rose. Mary gave one of these shoots to Amelia and together the two friends planted it in Amelia’s patio. In 1919, the property was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Macia and it was Mr. Macia who came up with the trellis for the rose tree. Today it spans over 8,000 square feet!