Weekly Nutshell


Last weekend, we created three more “little boxes of love” to mail out to young cousins, and my daughter in college who asked me, “Don’t I get one, Mom?” 🙂


While Marissa created heart wands, Marcus created new chalk pastel art cards for two of his friends, his big brother and his big sister.


Marissa now has a Wednesday art class at a local art center. It’s during the day and there’s only one other student. So she gets lots of one on one attention. She’s working on her sketching and using the art kit she received for Christmas.


Isn’t this a cool sculpture? It’s just outside our local library.

This week Marcus started a fun science experiment building his own stalactite and stalagmite. I think it’s working! We found this experiment in this fun book.


In case you’re wondering how Marcus’ plant experiment is coming along, the radish plant growing on the right, in a magnetic field, seems to be growing faster and taller than the control on the left. Meanwhile, the marigolds are just starting to poke their way out and seem to be in a tie. Only time will tell!


And that is our week in a nutshell. 🙂


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