Plant Growth Experiment-Part 1


On Saturday, we went shopping for supplies for a plant experiment Marcus wants to conduct. He wants to test how two different plants will grow in a magnetic field.

img_2248      img_2247

In the garden center there were turtles so of course we had to check them out.

img_2249 img_2251

Our shopping cart included all of the necessary supplies: potting mix, 4 pots, 2 seed packets (one of marigolds and the other of radish), 4 long metal screws and neodymium magnets (8 altogether).


At home, Marcus set up his experiment. He laid all the supplies out and prepared each pot one-at-a-time.


It’s important to try to use the same amount of soil and plant the same amount of seeds in each pot.


Marcus made up little signs to identify each plant. He marked whether the plant was a marigold or radish and whether it was the control or the magnet.

For the magnet pots, he “planted” two magnets in the soil, and placed two more magnets on the screws, across from each other. This creates a magnetic field for the plants.


Each day the plants will receive the same amount of sunlight and water.

Thus the experiment has begun. Marcus will keep track of the amounts of water and sunlight as well as each plants growth in a record book. ♥ Stay tuned for updates and results in the weeks to come.


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