Weekly Nutshell


It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these kind of posts. Honestly, our life at the moment seems a little too mundane. At some point, Marissa will start up some art classes, but she’s thinking of waiting until next month to do that. For now, it’s just their youth activities (through our church) once a week and homeschooling and family time, which has been mostly hanging out at home since some of us are still dealing with coughs. The kids haven’t made friends here yet, which makes me sad. It’s not easy to make friends when you live in a quiet apartment complex and you’re still new to the area. I need to make contact with a homeschool group (I know there are a few out here, but I’ve only had email contact with one group so far and I have to catch them on a once-a-month park day which has yet to happen).

But we did celebrate my baby girl’s birthday and that was fun.

And today, my sweet daughter and I took a scenic walk together.

We also finished reading, Nightmares!, this week. We really liked the story. Marcus and I are still reading, The Mysterious Benedict Society, together and soon Marissa and I will be starting Little Women.

Hope your weekend is pleasant.



4 thoughts on “Weekly Nutshell

  1. Moving is hard. I hope you and your kiddos find a homeschool community soon. We lived in an apartment when we first moved to GA and it was difficult. We joined a Classical Conversations community and it’s made a tremendous difference. Blessings to you and your family.

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