Passing On The Liebster Award


I honestly never expected to be nominated for the Liebster award, yet alone twice, so thank you, thank you, Seed to Seedling and Katie’s Home for such an honor. I appreciate it! You both have lovely blogs that I enjoy following.


Here are my answers to the questions Seed to Seedling posed to her nominees:

1.  What is something that you appreciate today and why? Today I appreciate just being me because I am so blessed!

2.  What is something that you recently learned? I recently learned how to ski for the first time in my life! It was a lot of fun.

3.  What is something that you love about yourself and why? I love how I march to my own beat instead of following the world’s expectations. I love this because I’m not looking to the world for acceptance and self-worth.

4.  What is something that you had always wished to do and (have) achieved? I had always wished to see Italy and I was able to do that last March, with my husband for our twenty-third anniversary. It was a dream come true.

5.  What is something that you still wish to do before you pass on? I would like to visit England someday and see where my Great Grandma Nellie grew up. She used to tell me stories from her childhood in England, before she came to America.

6.  How many languages do you speak? I speak two, but my Spanish has a long ways to go.

7.  If you made a New Year’s Resolution for 2015, did you work towards it throughout the year?  If so, in what way? The biggest goal I worked on all year long in 2015 was studying The Old Testament in depth as I read it from cover to cover. I only got as far as 2 Samuel, so it’s a continuing goal that will probably take me well into 2017.

8.  What is one way in which you live authentically? I live authentically by staying true to my beliefs and values instead of lowering or changing them to match the trends of the world.

9.  What is one of your own ‘natural highs’? I love the natural high of curling up on the couch beside my daughter and watching a chick flick together.

10.  What is your wish for the world and how do you work towards it? I truly wish for world peace and I do my part by trying to be Christlike to everyone in my life.

11.  Direct us toward your favorite post on your blog, and tell us why it is. I like The Blessings of Time post because it sums up what I love most about homeschooling.


And from Katie’s Home

  1. Favourite season? Autumn is my favorite season because of the colors.
  2. Favourite childhood memory? Going on a weekend trip with my favorite aunt and uncle.
  3. Favourite flower? Pink roses
  4. If you could have a superpower what would it be? I always dream of flying so that would probably be the one.
  5. Savoury or sweet? Sweet (chocolate)
  6. Beach or Pool? I prefer the beach because of the ocean view and the sand.
  7. Favourite piece of clothing? My fluffy bathrobe! It just makes me happy!
  8. Are you a recipe follower or recipe creator? I tend to follow most recipes, but once in a while I create my own just for fun.
  9. Most disliked household chore? It’s a toss up between dishes and laundry, simply because they are the two that can pile up the fastest and always need doing.
  10. Favourite boardgame? Clue, although I just learned Sequence and I like that one a lot.
  11. Favourite style of music? Michael Buble type songs

Here are the nominees I have chosen (in no particular order). I chose them because I already follow their delightful blogs and I only follow blogs that inspire me:

New Creature in Him

Not Your Typical Homeschool Mom

Mother of Noah

Love, Laugh, Learn, Teach-  Homescho0l Diaries

3 Kids and a Gluestick

Salted Raisins

Cozy Cabin Press

Young Smarties

Adventures in Teaching My Own

The Princess, The P, and Me

Pitter Patter and Constant Chatter

Instructions for New Nominees:

~ Create a blog post on your site, answering the questions I have provided below.
~ In your post, be sure to link back to the blog that nominated you (me!) with a thank you and a shout out.
~ After completing the questions, add a section listing your 11 nominee choices, with links, for your favorite blogs with under 200 followers (preferably ones that have not been nominated before).
~ Provide your nominees with these instructions and give them 11 questions to answer.
~ Notify your nominees and provide a link to your post so they know what to do.
~ When you’re all finished, come back here and comment with the link to your post so I can read your answers!
My questions for my nominees are:
1. What do you enjoy most about blogging and why?
2. What is your favorite book (one you re-read often)?
3. Who in your life inspires you most?
4. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
5. What is something that brings peace into your life?
6. What was one highlight of 2015 for you and your family?
7. What is one thing you look forward to in 2016?
8. Do you sing in the shower?
9. What color do you wear most often?
10. What is something you collect and how/why/when did you start?
11. What is your favorite saying/quote?
Hoping all of my readers and nominees are having a terrific start to the New Year. Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Passing On The Liebster Award

  1. My computer went crazy and posted my comment without my permission…
    As I was saying: Good for you, congrats on your doubly nomination! and I love your post! Looking forward to reading lots more in this coming year. 🙂

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