Little Girl Craft Party



Yesterday afternoon, Marissa hosted a craft party for five young neighbor girls. With her help, they each created three ornaments. The first was a birthstone ornament. We used clear plastic ornaments, Epsom salt and lots of bling from Hobby Lobby and Michael’s, such as beads, sequins and buttons. Shown above is Marissa’s Garnet ornament.


Then they decorated pine cones with glitter glue and miniature pom-poms and made their own snow globes using sticker figures of snowmen, penguins and reindeer and modeling clay.

The crowning event was decorating sugar cookies. The snowman cookies turned out super cute. We borrowed ideas for these ornaments and snowman cookies from Pinterest, although we tweaked them a bit. The snowman’s scarf is made from fruit roll ups. His hat is made from one thin Oreo and one miniature Oreo or a miniature peanut-butter cup. My kitchen was a complete disaster area afterwards, but it was worth it to see six smiling faces. 🙂


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