Trying to Be Like Jesus


This song sums up the unspoken theme at church today. My husband and I both gave talks in Sacrament meeting (our family meeting where we partake of the sacrament). My talk was on Christ-like patience. His talk was on Christ-like love. I wrote a little about my talk on my family blog, here. Then in our Gospel Principles class (Sunday School), we discussed Christ-centered homes.

Some of my thoughts:
The key to Christ-like patience is love more than anything else. If we want to be more patient with our spouses and our children, if we want to be more patient with our neighbors and our friends, if we want to be more patient with strangers, or even ourselves, than we need only to love them as our Savior loves them.

We can demonstrate Christ-like love when we see one another as children of God and remember that we are God’s hands here on earth. We are all in this life together so we should lift one another up and help bare one another’s burdens.

We can create Christ-centered homes by praying together as a family, spending quality time together as a family, working, learning and growing together as a family, and by following our Savior’s perfect example of unconditional love, ready forgiveness, patience and compassion. When we teach of Christ in our homes and try to live as He did, than our homes become a safe-haven from the storms of the world.


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