Happy Hearts Curriculum Choices for 2015-2016


We are moving in less than two weeks! I wish I had a real-life homeschooling friend who could help me nail down my plans for this upcoming homeschool year. I feel a little scatter-brained at the moment.

I can’t believe my baby girl is a senior! I am going to cherish every day of this school year with her. She will continue with her basic subjects as online courses through the awesome Liahona Academy. What we love about Liahona is that their classes for middle and high school grades are filmed and streamed LIVE, giving their distance students the choice to view them live (and participate) or to view them at a later time of their choosing.

We have ordered all of her textbooks, either directly through Liahona or from Amazon.

For English, she will be reading and studying the following books/novels-

  1. The Book of Mormon, which is basic scripture for us.
  2. Jane Eyre (A Norton critical edition), Charlotte Bronte, edited by Richard J. Dunn
  3. Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury
  4. Oxford World’s Classics Twelfth Night, or What You Will, William Shakespeare, edited by Roger Warren and Stanley Wells
  5. Stone Mage Wars, Journey to the Fringe, Kellie Swofford Nielson
For grammar, she will be using the Line Upon Line series, which is Liahona curriculum.
Saxon Geometry

For math, she will be using the Saxon Geometry, 1st edition

Exploring Creation With Chemistry

For science, she will be using Exploring Creation With Chemistry, 3rd edition

For history, both my son and daughter will be studying World History and World Government and they will use textbooks entitled: Threads of Religious Liberty, DeGraff & DeGraff, and Our Old World Beginnings: An LDS Supplement to European History, DeGraff & DeGraff

My son will be in 7th grade. He will be taking two online courses through Liahona (history and science) and I will tackle the rest of his subjects with him (English, math, art and music, etc.)


For science, he will be using CK-12 Life Science, which is a free download after signing up for a free account. He will read the text directly from my laptop and we will only print when he needs a paper copy of a certain page.

For English, we plan to read the following novels together, from our home library-

  1. Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson
  2.  Bud, Not Buddy, Christopher Paul Curtis
  3. Hoot, Carl Hiaasen
  4.  Just So Stories, Rudyard Kipling
  5.  Summer of the Monkeys, Wilson Rawls

For grammar, we will use free resources online such as Grammar-Monster, Daily Grammar and my daughter’s favorite, Purdue Owl


For music, we will be using Maestro Classics, Stories in Music collection.


For art, we are going to try the free resources on Teach Art at Home and Incredible Art Department. We will also use the book, Teach Art to Children.

At least I have our curriculum figured out. Now I just need to plan a sort of schedule to follow, but I’m waiting to learn when their online classes will be. And once we move into our cozy apartment in AZ, I want to set up a homeschool nook where we keep all of our books and supplies in one place.


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