Looking Forward


I can’t believe it’s August already! Today my brother and his family drove the two hour distance to my home to spend time with us. It was a great visit. 🙂

I feel like I have a lot to do over the next few weeks, not just getting ready to start up another homeschool year (Yay!), but also decluttering and organizing a few rooms in my home in preparation for moving again. This move won’t be as big as other moves. We are keeping our house here as a home-base. Our apartment in Arizona will be fully furnished so all we’ll be taking with us are clothes, homeschool materials and a few comfort items to help us feel more at home. I’ll be debating just what to take with us over the next couple of weeks.

I’m looking forward to this move. I enjoy waking up in different places, making new friends, starting over in a new ward (LDS church congregation) and most of all, being with my husband every day. ♥

I know people wonder about our lifestyle, how we can move around so much and stay sane. We actually love the adventure of moving and it’s so much a part of our family life that when we do stay in one place for more than two years, we get itchy to move again! I’m sure there will come a time when we’ll just stay settled somewhere. Where that will be, I’m not sure. My dream is to live somewhere near the coast. I love the ocean. But I’ve learned that I can live anywhere and be happy as long as I’m together with my husband and our children.

Of course, this move is also a little bittersweet as I’ve enjoyed the summer months home with my oldest daughter, who will return to her university courses at the end of this month. My oldest son, who has continued to live near his university has been spending several weekends at home. That will all change once we move again. We’ll only see them on certain holidays. But Arizona is a lot closer than Peru was so that’s a plus. We’ll be a short plane ride or several hour drive away this time. And I still have my two youngest at home, which is why I cherish homeschooling. ♥


2 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. We’ve also moved around quite a bit. The longest we’ve stayed in one place since we’ve been married is 3.5 years. We’ve been where we are currently for about 2, but we love it here and are hoping to stay longer term. I’m with you on the water, though I’ll take a Great Lake over the ocean any day. Hope your move goes well!


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