Weekly Nutshell- Summer Camp Edition


This has been a crazy busy week and it’s not even over yet! We are hosting my sister’s four young children for several days. To make it an extra fun experience for them, we set up Camp Musketeers! Every day has its own fun theme.


On Monday, the day before my nieces and nephews arrived, we got some chores done.


Then we tried out our new fire pit by toasting hot dogs and making smores.


We used Tuesday as a day to settle the kids in. The girls enjoyed some outside play time with chalk.


The littlest one loves our neighbor’s horses!


That night the two oldest boys went fishing with my son’s boy scout troop. My nephew was the only boy to catch a trout!


Which Marcus had to cook as part of his merit badge requirements.


Of course my picky boy wouldn’t try it, but my youngest nephew liked it just fine.


Wednesday officially kicked off Camp Musketeers with Mad Scientist Day. First the boys shot off Marcus’ rocket.


Then they experimented with magnets and made Elephant Toothpaste.


That evening on the way to our city park to run off some energy, we spotted our neighbor’s colorful hot dog stand.


Of course we had to support our neighbor’s new business! Besides, who can pass up bacon-wrapped hot dogs?


Climbing fun.


Thursday was Little Chef Day! The kids formed two teams and each decorated their cake in different kitchens (one upstairs, one downstairs). Team Triple Threat made a strawberry fantasy design.


Dynamite Duo made a beach and ocean design. The judges declared it a tie.


That evening for dinner each child made their own mini pizzas.

DSCN5591 DSCN5593


FullSizeRender (2) - Copy FullSizeRender

Today (Friday) was Great Outdoors Day. We spent a good part of the day at an awesome park we recently discovered. The weather was perfect, only in the 70’s.


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