Weekly Nutshell


This counts for two weeks worth of highlights in a nutshell. đŸ˜‰ Marcus spent all of the last (full) week of June at a boy scout camp in Idaho. While he was having all sorts of scouting fun, Marissa-girl spent three days at a stake youth conference held at the University of Utah.


I ended up on the food committee and delivered lunch to Marissa and the rest of the youth and leaders last Wednesday. I brought 300 sandwiches, cookies, chips and bottled water on ice, all packed in the back of my little SUV. Later that afternoon my sunglasses fell into a toilet! So I have bid farewell to those particular sunglasses, ha ha.


Marissa visited the state capital during youth conference.


The grand staircase in the state capital.



Fast forward to this past holiday weekend. On Friday, David took the kids to Cascade Springs while I spent some time with a close friend of mine at Lava Hot Springs. (That’s kind of funny when I think about it!).



On the evening of the 4th, we found a spot to sit and watch the annual cruising parade. We saw a lot of vintage/classic cars.




In case you’re wondering, yes, we did finally start our Around the World in 80 Days geography unit. More on that to come. It was good to have David home this weekend. Now the kids and I need to prepare our house for a major upcoming event! We’re taking care of my sister’s young children for eight days in mid-July. We are going to treat that time like a camp, with themed days and lots of hands-on activities. Meanwhile, stay tuned for my planning post for Happy Hearts’ seventh homeschooling year. I’ve ordered a wonderful music curriculum that I’m really excited about. đŸ™‚


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