Weekly Nutshell


In a nutshell, here’s how our week went…


On Tuesday, Marissa participated in a “cupcake wars” youth activity. There were no declared winners, but I think her horse cupcakes were darling.


Marcus thought they were yummy as well. Only his was a dragon. See the vanilla wafer wing?


One evening, Marissa and I drove around our neighborhood and took pictures…


Just for fun, because it was so lovely outside at the time.


We said hello to our neighbor’s horses.


I think we live in a pretty area. Lots of open space.


I started reading one to two chapters of Mary Poppins to the kids each night. I love that my 12, 17 and 19-year olds still enjoy read-alouds.


On Friday, Marcus made this lantern out of a milk carton.


His last project for this school year, which is now over.


Marcus is 12, and has reached some major milestones which affects both of us, since he is my baby. Turning 12 meant he graduated from Primary, which is a program in our Church for children from 18-months until age 12. Sometimes Primary children sing during Sacrament Meeting (our family hour of Church), and last Christmas was Marcus’ last opportunity to sing with the Primary children. Only he wouldn’t go up to the stand with the rest of the children. We were in Peru at the time, and he mistakenly thought the Primary would be singing all of the songs for the Christmas program, and all in Spanish. So he refused to go up, and it turned out to only be one song, sung in English! He missed it and I just started weeping! Later, my baby boy apologized to me and of course, I told him it was alright. I was just being overly emotional. But, it was bittersweet to know my last child was out of Primary. Oh how I ♥ Primary!


When boys turn 12 in our Church, they can become Deacons. Deacons may pass the Sacrament bread and water. My sweet little boy takes his Priesthood responsibilities very seriously, just as he should.


And now my baby boy has also graduated from elementary. He was a Liahona Junior Warrior for the past two years, but now he will just be a Liahona Warrior (7th-12th graders). Still cool, but another sign that he’s growing up. Earlier this evening, he and I were at A&W’s having cheese curds and there was a little 3-year old girl dancing behind us. I looked at my son and nearly started to cry. My baby is 12! He’s now in Young Men’s (our Church’s organization for boys ages 12 through 17)  and Boy Scouts. He’s such a little man now. It makes me happy and yet, a little sad at the same time.


It’s both bitter and sweet to watch my children grow up.


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