Our Memorial Weekend


We spent the weekend as a family at Grandma’s house. (This is my husband’s mother and she lives by herself.) It always feels like a little get-away to travel the five hours to her house and stay for a few days.


Grandma’s windowsill display of solar flowers.

On Saturday morning, the guys left to go fishing up the canyon, which never happened (fishing) ha ha, because there was too much snow and it was freezing!



Meanwhile, the girls, Grandma and I visited two cemeteries where we placed flowers on several graves of ancestors.

Memorial Day7

Memorial Day0

Including Grandpa’s.


Memorial Day10

Grandma showed the girls some of the names she knows on the veterans’ memorial wall.

PicMonkey Collage2

The weather cooperated while we were at the cemeteries. The sun was actually out.


But changed to cool rain later that afternoon, when we met up with the guys and ventured over to Scandinavian Days.

Mining collage

Marcus mined for gems, fossils and a geode, which was then cut in half for him.


Aren’t they beautiful sisters?

On Sunday we started a 500-piece puzzle that we bought from the Dollar Store! Needless to say, we didn’t get much of it done (it’s all jelly beans) and have now brought it home on a cookie sheet because we don’t have one of those cool puzzle keeper mats. I should really buy some of those!


Now we are home again. It’s been raining here, too. The grass and hills behind my house are nice and green.


How was your Memorial weekend?


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