Sweet Mommy Memories


♥ I was 19-years young, when I first became a mommy. ♥


♥ A wife and mom, was all I ever truly wanted to be. ♥


♥ I enjoyed every moment of my first year of mommyhood. ♥

Zach2♥ ♥ And every moment of the second year. ♥ ♥


♥ And it just kept getting better. ♥


♥ Time for a story- Once upon a time there was a young mommy who took her toddler daughter to a university for a parent-child study. The mommy was instructed to play peek-a-boo with her daughter, first with the words, “peek-a-boo”, and then in silence. The mommy and daughter were led into a room with a child-size table with chairs in the center, and nothing else. They were left alone, but the mommy knew they were being watched and recorded for the purpose of the study. She started playing the verbal version of peek-a-boo with her baby…♥


♥ The mommy clapped her hands over her eyes, and then she quickly uncovered her eyes, exclaiming, “peek-a-boo!” at the same time. Only her daughter was too busy running around the room to notice. So the mommy began chasing her daughter, enthusiastically playing peek-a-boo with…herself…which promptly ended when she chased her daughter right into the wall! Uninjured, yet dazed, the baby began to wail and the embarrassed mommy carried her out of the room, thus ending their participation in the study. ♥


♥ A year later,along came my third beautiful child and that’s an exciting story for another trip down memory lane. ♥


♥ I’ll just say her birth did not take place in the hospital as planned. ♥


♥ My girls have always been so cute together. ♥


♥ And when Zach was ten-years old, he finally got his wish for a baby brother. ♥

Mom & Marcus 2

♥ So many sweet mommy memories. ♥


♥ Children grow up, but they will always be their mother’s babies. I love being a mom. ♥



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