What Will We Miss?


We’re getting ready to move from Lima, Peru, back to the states. In fact, the movers come on Wednesday to pack our shipment. Yay!

What will we miss from our life in Peru?

♥ We will miss the wonderful friends we’ve made here.

♥ I will miss having a maid. It’s back to doing my own dusting!

♥ I think I’ll sometimes miss garbage pick up every day (except Sunday). That’s been nice.

♥ Sublime bars!


Inca Kola (some say it tastes like bubble gum).

♥ Shopping at the Inca Market. That’s where I buy some fun, unique things for my home and as gifts.

My wicker fruit basket

My wicker fruit basket

What won’t we miss?

~ Running out of hot water and hand-washing all of our dishes.

~ We won’t miss the bicycle ice cream guy. Actually, it’s the sound of his kazoo we won’t miss.

~ We won’t miss driving here one bit!

What are we looking forward to?

♥ Milk! As in, being able to walk into any grocery store and find an endless quantity of milk. In jugs. Here, finding the only milk that comes in a jug (verses a box, can or leaky bag) is hit and miss, and when we do find it, we are lucky if there are 10 jugs in total.


1 liter jug of milk

♥ Canned soups, frozen vegetables, whole grain bread, Cheerios, sour cream and onion potato chips, baby carrots… Basically we are excited about having choices and variety in food at the grocery store. Here everything is the same. Rice, pasta, a lot of potatoes, beans, canned or boxed milk, plain potato chips, white rolls, chicken. Yup, that’s pretty much it!

♥ Being able to just hop in my car and drive. No more taxis.

♥ No more walls around our house. And living in the countryside again. I’m not a city girl!

♥ Being closer to my 2 college kids. 🙂

♥ Just living like a regular American again.


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