Weekly Nutshell



Monday night we walked several blocks to the Chile’s restaurant on the corner. It’s our favorite American restaurant here in Lima.


On Tuesday we took a break in-between Marissa’s online classes (which she watches live) to walk to a nearby park and toss a frisbee. We really need to get out into the “fresh” (it’s Lima, Peru- trust me the air is not that fresh!) air more often. That’s a goal for February- to get outside once a day.


On Wednesday, Marcus made a roll-back can (another Steve Spangler experiment). He had to be creative without an actual hammer or screwdriver. Please note- I did not throw away the screwdriver. I gave it way. We are preparing to move back to the states in another month so I’ve started giving away things we don’t need to keep and I gave away our only hammer and screwdriver (here) a little too soon.


Marcus’ make-shift hammer. I thought it was ingenious!


Meanwhile, Marissa sketched out an ocean scene and started painting it with watercolors. She took a watercolor class last fall to learn some techniques. Hopefully she’ll have it finished to show next week.


Marcus and I continue to read, The Hobbit, and now Marissa and I are reading, The Princess Bride (the abridged edition).

And Marcus is at boys camp tonight, until Saturday afternoon which means Marissa and I can watch more chick-flicks! Tonight’s chick flick was Romance on the High Seas, starring Doris Day (I am a huge Doris Day fan).


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