Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving to anyone reading this. We are back in our apartment in Lima, Peru. Back to the land of Spanish, speed bumps and aggressive driving. Here are some things I am especially thankful for at this time-

Spending Thanksgiving with my amazing husband. We’ve been apart for 4 long months.

Being able to eat a traditional turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Day because we were able to smuggle canned pumpkin, canned green beans, French fried onions, cream of mushroom soup and Stove Top stuffing in our suitcases (all of which do not get imported here).

Having a sweet and honest maid who is also a good friend to me here in Peru.

Things I’m thankful for, other than friends and family, that living in Peru has made me extra appreciative-

Hot water whenever I need/want it.

Clean tap water.

Brown sugar and chocolate chips, although we have managed to stock up, from trips back and forth to the states, 10 bags of chocolate chips and 4 bags of brown sugar.

More than 3 choices of cold cereal (or chips or bread or soda or…you name it).

Finding jug milk in plentiful supply in any and every store.

Freely finding and buying cosmetics and over the counter medicines without having to go to a pharmacy or through a sales rep, who firsts jots down what I select, and then requires me to pay for it and then retrieves it for me as I’m on my way out of the store.


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