Book Review- Wonder


I love this book! Marcus and I read it together last year and it was a perfect read for his 5th grade year. It was heart-warming, insightful and an excellent story for a discussion on how people sometimes treat others based on their appearances.

11387515Wonder, is R.J Palacio’s debut novel. What a gifted writer! Wonder is the fictional story of a 10-year old boy named August (Auggie) who was born with a facial deformity that really stands out. Up until his 5th grade year, he has been homeschooled. For his 5th grade year, his parents decide to enroll him in a private school called Beecher Prep. This story follows Auggie through his first experience going to school, how his classmates treat him, who accepts him, who does not, and how Auggie sees himself.

My favorite part of this book is how Palacio wrote, not only from Auggie’s point of view, but also from several other character’s point of views, including his sister, his sister’s boyfriend, and two of Auggie’s classmates.

We read this book as an e-book on my Nook, but we recently purchased the hard cover which was a special edition that includes the follow up e-book entitled The Julian Chapter, which covers the point of view, for the first time, of Julian, who was a bully to Auggie in school. The Julian Chapter was excellent.

I highly recommend this book, especially as a read-aloud with children ages 8-12.


Flower Pictures


This week we visited the Logan temple grounds where I took these pictures of the beautiful flowers growing there.DSCN2106





The Logan temple is cool because its exterior was made of dark colored limestone instead of the traditional white stone.

Logan temple FHE 9-15-2014 (34)


Welcome Home Elder Madsen!


Elder Madsen returned home on Thursday from his two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where he served in the Canada Calgary mission.

Some of our extended family met us at the airport to welcome him home.



The cousins


Our family back together again


The entire group at the airport


Happy siblings in the car

After the airport, we drove to a Training Table restaurant for lunch.





More pictures to come. It’s so good to have my boy home. He plans to return to BYU (Brigham Young University) next January. In the meantime he is adjusting to life as a return-missionary and enjoying some quality time with his dad who has to return to Lima, Peru in a week.

Exploring Green Canyon


I feel so blessed to live in the beautiful state of Utah and be so close to some fun canyons.

DSCN1908 DSCN1911

DSCN1923 DSCN1931

DSCN1913 DSCN1906

DSCN1928 DSCN1915

There’s something so peaceful about the canyons here, and the weather was perfect for such an outing today.

I can’t wait to return when Autumn is in full swing.