Taking Charge of You



I had never seen a sign like this before. There is one above every mirror, in every restroom, at my husband’s workplace here in Lima, Peru. I really like what it says because it’s true. We are in charge, or responsible for our own health and safety. At least, as adults we are, and as mothers and fathers we are also responsible for our children’s health and safety.

If we replaced the words “health and safety” with other words, it’d still ring true… Stand in front of a mirror and repeat after me-

You are looking at the person in charge of your daily choices.

You are looking at the person in charge of your life choices.

You are looking at the person in charge of your happiness, your contentment, and your attitude.

You are looking at the person in charge of your thoughts, your actions, your reactions, your goals, your words, your beliefs…

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I am tempted to blame these things on other people, or on my circumstances. For example, I have been terrible about working out lately and I’ve been excusing it or blaming it on the muggy hot temps here, and the fact that my workout space has turned into this-


This is the corner of my room where I normally workout, because normally it’s just empty space. But right now it’s covered with my children’s mattresses. My bedroom has become a hotel room. It’s simply been way too hot for my kids to sleep well in their own rooms, even with fans running on high and the screen-less windows open. Our only air conditioning unit is in my bedroom.

I may blame the blazing sun on my lack of exercise, but the truth of the matter is that I’m simply too lazy to put the mattress up against the wall every day. Or to find another workout solution.

Maybe tonight I’ll put up my own sign above my mirror. It could say something like this:

“You are the person in charge of your happiness, and you are happy when you work out!”

And under that I might add:

“So stop blaming Mr. Sun, and go workout!”


2 thoughts on “Taking Charge of You

  1. Ughh…I need one of those workout signs also. When we first moved here I made up all sorts of excuses as to why it was not possible (hot and muggy being a big one) and now I don’t workout at all and I actually only have myself to blame for that. Looking in that mirror can be so awkward sometimes.


  2. hicamie

    David, I didn’t write this to put you on a guilt trip! Isn’t it funny, though, how the weather can impact our choices? This is the first time we’ve lived in a hot and humid environment. It does seem to zap my energy a bit.


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