Learning Spanish


My sweet little boy has made friends with our maid’s four sons, and they play every Friday, which has forced them to learn some English and M-Cat to learn some Spanish. Well, one day at the store, M-Cat saw this little notebook and asked me if he could buy it. Now, this is a child who has always been a very reluctant writer, but he had an idea, and he was motivated.

DSCN0388 (1)

Yesterday ended up being one of those days where I wanted M-Cat to do one thing (math), but he had his heart set on another. He was just enraptured with filling his little notebook with Spanish, so I had to let him go with it. He was at it for 2 hours. He was using google translate and an English-Spanish dictionary, and then we got on YouTube and found some helpful videos for children.DSCN0389

At this rate he will have his notebook filled up with Spanish in no time. We lived here in Peru once before, when he was 2 and 3-years old, and he knew Spanish then. He could speak to the maid and the gardener and the bodyguard (yes, we had a bodyguard) in Spanish and he could talk to us in English. If someone didn’t respond the first time, he’d switch to the other language. It was amazing, but as soon as we moved back to the states, he dropped Spanish and refused to continue to practice it. So it’s fun to see that desire to learn spark in him, and to see him find ways to teach himself.

Julio & Marcus still hiking

M-Cat riding on the bodyguard’s shoulders in Puno.


M-Cat helping the gardener.


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