5 Reasons Why I Homeschool


1.  At home my child is physically and spiritually safe.  God is welcome in our home.  In our home there is no profanity, no immorality, no bullying, and no peer pressure.  At home our family values and my child’s self-esteem remain intact.  Do you want to know what my oldest son and daughter remember most about high school?  Hearing the f-word a million times a day, seeing kids smoke in front of the school (there was a designated spot for smoking!), a boy dropping his pants so that my daughter and others could see everything, condoms freely passed out to promote safe sex, smelling drugs in the locker room.  I have yet to walk into any public school where I saw evidence that my child would be as nurtured, as valued and as secure as he is at home.

2. At home I can tailor my son’s education to him.  I can personalize it.  I can take advantage of his preferred learning style.  My child learns at his own pace and spends as much time as he wants on any subject of his choosing. When he has the freedom to choose what he studies, and how he studies it, he gets more out of the experience, truly enjoys the learning process and retains more of what he learned because it was something that was of interest and value to him.

3. At home I can control what my son does and does not learn, when he learns certain things and also, how he learns things, like math for example (no fuzzy math in my home!). I love being in complete control over my son’s education instead of trusting it to others who most likely do not have his best interests at heart. They’re certainly not as invested in my son as I am. So, my son does memorize multiplication facts and he does know how to write in cursive and I don’t have to worry about him coming home and telling me that I taught him the wrong way to do something.

4. At home we have our own routine, calendar and rules.  Our time is truly our own which allows us to be flexible and relaxed.  My child wakes up when he’s had enough sleep.  He has time to sit and eat a hot breakfast every morning.  He can go to the bathroom or get a drink whenever he needs to without getting permission first.  He can choose when to play outside and when to come back inside.  He can freely move around as much as he likes.  He can talk freely while he eats lunch and there is no rush to finish.  He can spend as much time as he needs to learn a new concept before moving on.  He can take a sick day without worrying about catching up or falling behind.  He never has homework (what a waste of  family and kid time).  He can go on multiple “field-trips” and he can vacation with his family whenever it suits us.

5. Best of all, having him home equals valuable time I get to spend with him.  I would be missing out on so much if I sent him to school!  School takes up a big chunk of the day and what’s left over just isn’t enough.  I have always been the kind of mom who loves being around her children.  I can’t think of any way I’d rather spend my days than with my children (and my husband of course!).  Childhood is fleeting, it doesn’t last, and I want every minute of every day to count.


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