Clipboard Craft


We have found that clipboards really come in handy in our homeschool. As a not-back-to-school craft, my kids turned something plain and boring into something fun and inspiring. :)


This is an easy and inexpensive craft. We found all of the supplies at the dollar store and the dollar bins at Target (even a miniature bottle of Mod Podge, although the bottle pictured here is from Walmart).

Your child will need the following items: a plain clipboard (wood or plastic), stickers of their choice (as long as they are flat; don’t use the bubble kind), a sponge brush and Mod Podge. (If you don’t have Mod Podge, use clear nail polish instead.)


First, if there is plastic covering the clipboard, make sure you remove it. Remove the stickers from their plastic packaging.


Second, let your child place the stickers anywhere and anyway they wish on the front and back of their clipboard. (Don’t worry about the front becoming a bumpy surface. Simply pad the clipboard with extra paper before using it.)


Third, once the stickers are in place, pour a small amount of Mod Podge in a paper bowl or on a paper plate.


Then, have your child dab the sponge brush in the Mod Podge and lightly paint over each sticker. The Mod Podge will dry clear. (If using clear nail polish, use the brush that comes with the polish and paint over each sticker. It will also dry clear.) With the Mod Podge, the entire surface of the clipboard may be lightly painted if your child so desires.


Make sure your child allows one side to dry before painting the other side. It won’t take long to dry.


That’s it! Now your child has a personalized clip board they’ll love using. :)



Arriving Home



Day 4 in the car. (In case you’re wondering, my son does own more than two shirts!)

DSC00793Welcome to the Arizona desert!


This was the scenery along the way. Lots of cactus and rocks!

DSC00820Our new temporary home, meaning who knows how long we’ll live in this apartment before we settle into a rental house? We’re not planning to buy a house here, but we also don’t want to live in an apartment if we’re here for a few years.


We’ve unpacked the car and both kids have settled into their new bedrooms. One room has a desk, the other room, a dresser, but not both. I’ve been cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms and taking note of things we need to buy. This is a furnished apartment, but that doesn’t mean the kitchen has a cheese grater!

Moving Mini-Vacation


On Saturday afternoon, we pulled out of our driveway in Utah and drove less than five hours South to Grandma’s house where we stayed the night so we could have a nice visit.



Day 1 in the car.


Marissa girl in Grandma’s front yard. We left her house Sunday after sleeping in and enjoying a bacon and egg breakfast.

DSC00386DSC00388On our way we drove through Manti. This is the beautiful Manti Temple.


Day 2 in the car.



I took some pictures out my window as we drove towards Southern Utah.


And then David surprised us by taking us through Zion’s National Park.





To make it even sweeter, he booked us a suite at a lodge in Springdale.



Marcus met this little fellow on his way to the pool.


The view from our balcony.

DSC00643 DSC00645 DSC00648


After breakfast on Monday, we took the shuttle bus into Zion’s and got off at the top of the loop where the kids enjoyed the river.





After a couple hours of fun in the park, we decided to be on our way.


Day 3 in the car. (The kids are wearing King Julien‘s headdress.)


While stuck in stop-and-go traffic in Nevada, Marcus created a little fort for himself.

DSC00786 DSC00787 DSC00789

Going across the Mike O’Callagham-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge wasn’t as exciting as we thought it would be! We should’ve stopped at the Hoover Dam visitor’s center, but we kept driving instead, and soon after we entered our new home state, Arizona. Does anyone do what we do when we drive across a state line? We lift our feet up (to “jump” from one state to another). And now we have stopped for the night at a Holiday Inn. Tomorrow (Tuesday), we’ll finally complete this move!

A New Adventure



We’re all packed up and ready to head out for our next adventure. We’re stopping at my mother-in-law’s tonight and then driving to Arizona tomorrow morning. Wish us luck!

My Homeschool Planning


With our move just five days away now, and our upcoming Happy Hearts year just around the corner, I’ve been combining my homeschool planning with our packing. We are driving to Arizona so that I will have my own car there. With only the four of us moving (my oldest two kids are university students), we can put the whole back row of seats down and have more trunk space.


I purchased containers for my son and daughter to house their school supplies. This way they can tote their supplies around the apartment and keep everything all together.


My husband gave me the idea to use the One Note app for my planning. I’ve created a homeschool notebook on there, with pages for each subject. In the past, I’ve always used a regular spiral notebook for my planning.


I kind of like One Note, but I’m also still learning how to use it and it definitely has some quirks. I plan to print off each page once it’s complete and have a paper version as well. These pages will go into a homeschool binder I’m creating. I’ll write a post about my binder once it’s more complete. Right now it doesn’t look like much.


My sister-in-law gave me my birthday present early, since I’m moving before my birthday, and I’m so excited to have an actual planner to stay organized. I’ll be able to jot down appointments, menu plans, birthdays and general homeschool scheduling there.


I have chosen two scripture verses to represent my ultimate goals for this Happy Hearts year. They are found in Doctrine & Covenants, section 88 (verses 118 & 119).

Seek ye diligently and teach one another words of wisdom; yea, seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom; seek learning, even by study and also by faith. Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; and establish a house, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God.